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Almacon Tablet

Almacon Tablet

Almacon is an antacid preparation which combines the most common mixture of gastric antacids with an antiflatulent.Mg hydroxide neutralizes gastric acid promptly and almost completely and thus diminishes the destructive action of the acid and abolishes the proteolytic activity of pepsin almost completely.  As a result, the epigastric pain due to the attack at gastric acid and pepsin is relieved.  This effect is sustained by the slow-acting antacid Al hydroxide.  In addition, the cathartic effect of Mg hydroxide and the constipating effect of Al hydroxide can neutralized each other.  Al hydroxide is also an effective adsorbent and demulcent.  Simethicone, an antifoaming agent, is a common ingredient in an antacid preparation.  It is included to defoam the gastric juice, in order to relieve functional gastric bloating and flatulence.


Each tablet contains
Al Hydroxide gel 300 mg, Mg hydroxide gel 300 mg, Active Simethicone 40 mg.

Symptomatic treatment of epigastric pain, gastric distress and bloating associated with gastric hyperacidity, gastritis, gastric
and duodenal ulcer.

1-2 tablets, 1 hours after meal and at bed time.
Tablet should be chewed  before swallowed.

Patients manifest renal insufficiency.

Constipation, nausea and vomiting.

In patients with renal insufficiency, retention of the absorbed magnesium can cause neurological, neuromuscular and
cardiovascular impairment and even death.
Continuous use ( > 2 weeks) is not recommended, except under medical supervision.
Almacon will impair the absorption of oral tetracyclines as well as cimetidine, therefore if Almacon is required.  concomitatantly
with either of these drugs, they should be administered at an interval of 2 hours.

Box of 10 x 10’s chewable tablet.
Reg. No. DBL8821003310A1