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Famri 450 Kaplet



Famri – 450 film coated caplet contains 450 mg of Rifampicin.

Rifampicin is a rifamycin antibiotic which exerts, both in vitro and in vivo, a bactericidal effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
The spectrum of its bactericidal action also includes M. leprae, as well as various other gram – positive and gram – negative
Since relatively rapid “one-step” selection of resistant bacteria occurs with rifampicin, the drug must not be employed as
monotherapy to treat overt infections.
Bacteria resistant to rifampicin display no cross – resistance to other antibiotics with the exception of the rifamycins.

The active substance is rapidly and completely absorped from the caplets. Following a single dose of 600 mg Famri taken on
an empty stomach, peak serum concentrations of approximately 10 mcg / ml are attained after about 2 hours.

Mycobacterial infections : Tuberculosis (all forms) is the main indication for Famri. Here, Famri must always be combined with
at least one other antituberculous agent.
In leprosy, Famri should also be combined with suitable drugs for the treatment of multibacillary forms of leprosy.

Known hypersensitivity to rifamycins ; jaundice.

During prolonged treatment, blood counts and liver function test should be performed periodically.
During the first 3 month of pregnancy, Famri must only be employed in life – threatening conditions and where no
suitable alternative drug is available.
Although rifampicin passes into the breast milk, no adverse effects on breastfed infants have been observed. It is
therefore not necessary to wean the infant.

Unwanted effects chiefly occurring during intermittent therapy or upon resumption of treatment after its interruption : ranging
from occasional to frequent is the onset of a  “ flu syndrome “ characterized by fever, shivering and possibly headache,
dizziness and musculoskeletal pains ; this is probably an immunopathological reaction. It occurs more often when Famri is
given only once a week in high doses(  25 mg/kg). When Famri  is administered in lower doses (600 mg) 2 – 3 times a
week, the syndrome is only rarely encountered, its incidence then being comparable to that observed during daily medication.

Adults weighing < 50 kg : 450 mg daily ;  50 kg : 600 mg daily.
Children  : 10 – 20 mg / kg daily. Maximum permissible daily dose : 600 mg.
To treat leprosy, the dose range is 450 – 600 mg / day in combination with anti leprosy drugs.

Antacids, opiates and anticholinergic ketoconazole drugs reduce the bioavailability of rifampicin when it is given concomitantly
by mouth. To avoid this interaction, rifampicin must be administered a few hours before these preparations.

Protect from heat (store below 30o C) and moisture.

FAMRI – 450 film coated caplet : Boxes  containing  5 x 10’s caplet.  Reg. No. DKL 9321004909B1
FAMRI – 600  film coated caplet: Boxes  containing  5 x 10’s caplets. Reg. No. DKL 9321004909A1

On medical prescription only.