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Neuraxon 5000 Kaplet

Neuraxon 5000 Kaplet


Each  film coated caplet   contains  :
Vitamin  B1    ( thiamine  HCl )               100 mg
Vitamin  B6    ( pyridoxine HCl )              100 mg
Vitamin  B12    ( cyanocobalamin )     5.000 mcg

Mode of action

Vitamin  B1  functions in carbohydrate  metabolism as a coenzyme in the decarboxylation of α keto acids . In human body ,
vitamin B6 will be transferred to pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine phosphate which are involved in protein and amino
acids metabolism.   Vitamin B12 is essential in nucleic acid synthesis and for cell growth and replication and maintaining the
integrity of nervous tissue.

In the treatment of vitamin B1 , B6  and B12 deficiency in case of beri-beri and polyneuritis.

Dosage and administration
1 caplet daily after meals. In more severe cases, the dose can be increased at the discretion of the physician.

Drug interaction
Decreases the effect of levodopa

Adverse reaction
In long term use of high dose vit B6  can cause  neuropathy  syndrome.

Box @ 10 x 10’s  film coated caplet .

Store in a dry place , below 25 ◦C.