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PYFAESTHETIC Successfully Hosts “A Night With PYFAESTHETIC – The Sacred Garden”

PYFAESTHETIC Successfully Hosts “A Night With PYFAESTHETIC – The Sacred Garden”

Jakarta, December 21, 2023 – PYFAESTHETIC, a business unit of PT Pyridam Farma Tbk, has successfully held a gala dinner “A Night with PYFAESTHETIC” with the theme ‘The Sacred Garden’. The event was attended by more than 200 dermatologists and aesthetic GPs in Indonesia.

This event was the culmination of a series of events organized by PYFAESTHETIC together with strategic partner JMBIOTECH. In this event, PYFAESTHETIC presented expert speakers from both Indonesia and abroad, namely Dr. Chung Heung Soo from South Korea and Dr. Hari Darmawan Sp.DVE who provided updates on knowledge related to Ribeskin Pink Aging Treatment and CO2 Carboxy Sound products and their proper application.

Yenfrino Gunadi, Director of Pyridam Farma, said, “We are very grateful and thankful for the success of the ‘A Night With PYFAESTHETIC’ event that we have been waiting for a long time. This event is a form of our gratitude to the dermatologists and aesthetic GPs who have supported PYFAESTHETIC since 2021 and to our strategic partners, most of whom are from South Korea, who are willing to attend this event which has accompanied PYFAESTHETIC’s journey.”

Yenfrino added, PYFAESTHETIC is committed to continuing to present workshop and training programs from both Indonesia and abroad and is committed to providing high-quality products to advance the world of aesthetics in Indonesia.

In the event, PYFAESTHETIC also gave awards to beauty clinics for their commitment and contribution to PYFAESTHETIC’s journey since 2021. A total of 19 clinics received the awards, including ZAP Clinic, Qeza Aesthetic Clinic, Virskin Aesthetic Clinique, EL Hana Clinic, MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic, Klinik dr. Anita, Klinik dr. Theressia, Devanka Aesthetic Clinic, AA Clinic, Azahra Skincare, WFSC Aesthetic & Anti Aging Clinic, Alisa Skin Clinic, CDERMA Dermatology & Aesthetic Center, Manika Aesthetic Clinic, Nabila Skincare, Ayume Beauty Care, Esha Skin Care, Jeabella Aesthetic Clinic, and Shinery Aesthetic Clinic.

Dr. Yuly Lie Jaya, M.Biomed (AAM) from Wijaya Farma Skincare shared her experience attending the A Night with PYFAESTHETIC event. Dr. Yuly was happy to be invited to the A Night with PYFAESTHETIC event, especially since the theme was a garden and butterflies, which reminded Dr. Yuly of the process of life, where at the beginning we are just caterpillars, pupae, and then metamorphose into butterflies that can fly high like PYFAESTHETIC.

Dr. Yuly added “I hope PYFAESTHETIC can continue to progress, bring innovative products and hold international events that can be a forum for Indonesian aesthetic doctors to upgrade their knowledge. Keep up the good work PYFAESTHETIC, spread your wings and fly higher!”

Dr. Elvira Maryanti from Virskin Aesthetic Clinique also shared her story “I am grateful to PYFAESTHETIC for the invitation. The event was very good, cool, and interesting, and most importantly, the sharing of information about the CO2 Carboxy product was very informative. I hope that in the future PYFAESTHETIC will be even more advanced and can offer innovative products.”

In this event, Wila Kharisma as Product Manager of PYFAESTHETIC also said that PYFAESTHTIC will introduce new products namely CO2 Carboxy Combo, EFI Cream, and Bruderm which can be purchased by dermatologists and aesthetic GPs in December 2023. In addition, in 2024 PYFAESTHETIC will also launch products such as Toxin, Collagen Stimulator, Thread lift, Exosome and other superior products that can meet the needs of dermatologists and aesthetic GPs throughout Indonesia.