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Pyridam Farma and Medomics Launch Innovative Rapid Test for Vulvovaginitis Diagnosis

Pyridam Farma and Medomics Launch Innovative Rapid Test for Vulvovaginitis Diagnosis

Jakarta, June 3, 2024 – Vulvovaginitis is a common gynecological condition affecting women of reproductive age. Symptoms often include vaginal discharge, unpleasant odor, pain, itching, and irritation around the genitals (Mojgan Tanzas, et al., 2021). The most common causes of infection are bacterial vaginosis, aerobic microorganisms, and candidiasis. At least 75% of women experience vulvovaginal candidiasis once in their lifetime (Felix, et al. 2020), and according to a study of 492 Indonesian women aged 15-50, the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis is 30.7% (Ocviyanti, et al. 2010).

In response to this data and the importance of women’s reproductive health, Pyridam Farma and Medomics have introduced an innovative healthcare product: a rapid test kit that can identify the cause of vulvovaginitis with symptoms of vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) within 15 minutes, whether it is bacterial, candidal, or parasitic. The product, named Candida Albicans (CA), Trichomonas Vaginalis (TV), Gardnerella Vaginalis (GV) Antigen Combo Test Kit, offers sensitivity of up to 97% and specificity of up to 96%.

The rapid test is easy to use, similar to other rapid tests. Simply collect vaginal secretions using a swab stick, insert it into a tube containing dilution buffer, and then drop the liquid onto the rapid test cassette. The test is qualitative and results can be seen within 15 minutes. Indicator red lines on the cassette will appear specifically at the indicator points indicating the cause of vulvovaginitis infection. The indicator red line will appear at the CA indicator point if the identified cause is Candida Albicans, and so on for TV (Trichomonas Vaginalis) and GV (Gardnerella Vaginalis). This tool is available in hospitals or clinics and must be used or supervised by healthcare professionals such as doctors, including general practitioners (GPs), obstetricians and gynecologists, and or dermatologists.

Dr. Widjanarko Brotosaputro stated, “We are proud to collaborate with Medomics to present this diagnostic test tool to support women’s reproductive health in Indonesia. This tool can help doctors as a support to make a diagnosis and provide appropriate therapy so that the management of diseases, especially vulvovaginitis, can be more effective and efficient.”

Dr. Widjanarko added that performing the Vulvovaginitis diagnostic test with the main symptom of leukorrhea using this rapid test is more practical because it does not need to be done in a lab, which generally takes longer.

In the future, Pyridam Farma will continue to collaborate with leading partners to present innovative products to advance the health of the Indonesian people.