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Nessiol 300 Kapsul

Nessiol 300 Kapsul



Each capsule NESSIOL-300  contains :
Lecithin        300 mg
Vitamin B1    1.4 mg
Vitamin B2    1.6 mg
Vitamin B6    2.2 mg
Vitamin B12     3 mcg
Vitamin E         6 IU
Nicotinamide 18 mg

Lecithin (=Phospholipids) are needed for the normal structure and function of the liver. They play an outstanding part both in
the  maintenance of normal structure and in energy exchanges in the organ. Hepatic synthesis of phospholipids involves a
great deal of energy, and as a result, this function is delicately balanced and is very easily disturbed. Furthermore, as liver
metabolism cannot occur without the presence of choline-phospholipids rich in essential fatty acid, deficiency of these
substance causes fatty infiltration which can proceed to degeneration and in severe cases, ends by destruction of liver cells.
NESSIOL supports the vital functions of the liver, especially its antitoxic capacity. Damaged liver cells rapidly resume functional
activity, necrotic ones are quickly replaced and the entire metabolic function of the organ again become normal. Subjective
improvement is rapid. The EPL substance also enhances breakdown of fats in blood and tissues.

As a dietary supplement for  disorders in which hepatic function is impaired.

1 capsule 2-3  times daily with meal.

NESSIOL-300 capsule. Box of 5×10’s. Reg. No. MD862709014089