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Start in 1976 Pyridam established with small factory. In 1985, Pyridam established its Pharmaceutical Division, which develop quickly. Pyridam was awarded the title “Partner with Good Performance” in 1994 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Accelerated improvement enabled Pyridam to build a brand new production plant on 35,000 sqm land in Cianjur, West Java, with state of the art design, machinery, and environmental management. The plant started its operation in April 2001.

Live a healthier life with Pyridam Farma


To become one of the leading healthcare solution company in Indonesia that continues to innovate and produces variety of high quality products


1. Continue to do research and development to produce the best products
2. Establish collaboration with eminent business partner in their respective field
3. Develop skillful human resources that adaptive to changes

Company values (The Pylars):

Jejak Langkah

Jejak Langkah