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Shareholding Structure of the Company and Subsidiaries


I. The shareholding structure of the Company and subsidiaries above is as per April 30th, 2024.

II. Rejuve Global Investment Pte. Ltd is controlled by Lee Ee Ling.

III. The Company’s Subsidiaries are as follow:

  1. PYFA HEALTH SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., which is engaged in retail sale of health supplements, cosmetics, and toiletries (including skin care products). The company has started its investment in Pyfa Health Singapore Pte. Ltd as of 2020.
  2. PT PYFA AETHERIA INDONESIA, which is engaged in wholesale trading of pharmaceutical drugs; wholesale trading of traditional medicines; wholesale trading of cosmetics; wholesale trading of laboratory equipment; and job training.
  3. PT PYFA INVESTAMA MEDIKA, which is engaged in large trade with fees or based on contracts; holding company activities; accounting bookkeeping and auditing activities; other management consulting activities; business consulting and business brokerage activities; and the activities of joint office administration service providers. It was established on March 2021.
  4. PT PYFA SEHAT INDONESIA, which is engaged in (i) retail trade of pharmaceutical goods in pharmacies and non-pharmacies; traditional medicine; cosmetics; laboratory; pharmaceutical and health equipment; (ii) retail trade through the media; (iii) packaging activities; and (iv) web portals and/or digital platforms for commercial purposes. It was established on March 2021.
  5. PT HOLI PHARMA, which is engaged in (i) industry of manufacture of organic basic chemicals that produce special chemicals; soap and cleaning materials for households; cosmetics for humans, including dental pasta; pharmaceutical materials for human; pharmaceutical products for human; health equipment industry; traditional medicine products for human; non- clinical pharmaceutical and health laboratory equipment from glass; clinical laboratory equipment from glass; medical and dental equipment, orthopaedic and prosthetic equipment; (ii) large trade with fees or based on contracts; large trade of milk and milk products; large trade of food and other beverages; large trade of pharmaceutical drugs for human; large trade of traditional medicine for human; large trade of cosmetics for human; large trade of pharmacy for human and animals; large trade of laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical and medical equipment for human; (iii) web portal and/or digital platforms for commercial purposes, (iv) laboratory testing services; (v) packaging activities; and (vi) activities to support health services. It was acquired by the Company on December 2021.
  6. PT Ethica Industri Farmasi which is engaged, among others, industry of manufacture of pharmaceutical products for human. It was acquired by the Company on July 2022.