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Potensik Kaplet

Potensik Kaplet



Each caplet contains :
Methampyrone         500 mg
Diazepam                     2 mg

Potensik acts as an analgesic and tranquilizer.
Methampyrone is an analgesic – antipyretic agent, absorbed from gastrointestinal tract, and has half life 1- 4 hours .
Diazepam is metabolized in the liver and bound at spinal cord receptor, cerebellum, limbic system and cortex cerebral.
Diazepam has anti anxiety, hypnotic, skeletal muscle relaxant effect. Peak plasma concentration is reached after 15 – 90
minutes. Half life varies between 20 – 70 hours, but the most active metabolite is desmethyl diazepam which has half life 30 –
100 hours. The half life of diazepam and desmethyl diazepam usually increase at neonates, elderly, patient with abnormal
liver function.

For the relief of moderate to severe pain, especially colic and post operative , when the combination with tranquilizer is needed

Hypersensitivity to methampyrone and diazepam
Infants in the first month of birth or under 5 kg of body weight , pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Patients with blood pressure below  100 mmHg
Narrow angle glaucoma
Acute psychosis

It may cause agranulocytosis
Hypersensitivity reactions, skin reactions, drowsiness, dizziness and an excessive tiredness .
Constipation, depression, diplopia, hypotension, jaundice, changes in libido, nausea, tremor, urinary retention, vertigo.

It should not be given for prolonged use because it may cause muscle weakness, physical and psychological
dependency .
It should be used with caution in patients with blood formation disorder, hepatic or renal dysfunctions .Therefore
periodic blood counts and liver function tests are advisable during long term therapy of acute pain.
Although it rarely cause agranulocytosis, it is better not given for prolonged periods , for its fatal consequence .
Patients undergoing treatment with this drug should not operate vehicles or machineries .
It should not be used for therapy of muscle sickness , symptoms of influenza , rheumatism , lumbago , back sickness ,
burcytis , shoulder arm syndrome .
It should be used with caution in severely depressed patients or those with suicidal tendency .
Paradoxical reactions such as acute hyper excited states , anxiety , hallucinations and sleep disturbances have been
reported ; should these occur , use of the drug should be discontinued .

1  caplet , if pain persists , followed  by 1 caplet 6 – 8 hourly , maximum 4 caplets daily.

If  Potensik is given concomitantly with centrally depressant drugs or alcohol, effect of diazepam may increase .

Box of 10 strips @ 10 caplet

On medical prescription only.

Keep in a cool and dry place .