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Promixin 500 Kapsul

Promixin 500 Kapsul


Each capsule contains Thiamphenicol 500 mg.

Microbiology :
Promixin is synthetic antibiotic with a board antibacterial spectrum against both gram-positive and gram-negative organism,
which seldom provokes antibacterial resistance. It is also active against several species of rickettsiae and some protozoa, but
it seems devoid of antimyotic or antiviral activity.

Promixin, for its characteristics of absorption, diffusion and absence of inactivation in the body, ensues high antibacterial
concentration in the blood, tissues and above all, in the excretory ways (urinary, hepatobiliary, enteric tracts) that permit very
satisfactory therapeutic result in several infections. This ester represent the soluble, nonbitter from of the antibiotic and display
the same antibacterial actiity of Promixin.

Systemic Use :
Infections of the urogenital, gonococcal and nongonococcal infection, hepatobiliary, enteric tracts; typhoid, paratyphoid fever
and other salmonellosis; brucellosis; respiratory infections and general, all the infections caused by organisms sensitive to

Adult : Average Daily Dose : 1,5 g (one 500 mg cap or two 250 mg caps every 8 hrs)
Children : The average oral dose is 20-30 mg/kg body weight per day. During the first week of treatment, these daily
doses may be increased by the physician up to 3 g for adult and 50 mg/kg for children in typhoid fever and other
salmonellosis. The duration of treatment may vary from a few days to 2-3 weeks, according to the infection and the
clinical response.

In pregnant women and in infant, the product is to be used only under medical supervision. In mild renal insufficiency
(creatinine clearance 20-5 ml/min) and elderly patients of > 65 years, the dose should be reduced to 0.5 g thiamphenicol twice
a day in order to avoid accumulation. In prolonged treatment and when high doses are needed, it is advisable to perform
periodical blood examination. Promixin is indicated in hematopoietic disorders, anuria and severe hepatic insufficiency.

Box of 10×10’s.  Reg.No. DKL9221003901B1.

On medical prescription only.