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Vinerton Kapsul

Vinerton Kapsul



Each capsule contains :
Vit A  6000 IU,
Vit D3  400 IU,
Vit B1  20 mg,
Vit B2  10 mg,
Vit B6  10 mg,
Vit B12  5 mcg,
Nicotinamide  100 mg,
Ca pantothenate  12 mg,
Biotin  0.25 mg,
Vit C  200 mg,
Vit E  10 mg,
Mn (as Mangan sulfate)  1.5 mg,
Fe (as Fe sulfate)  32 mg,
Ca (as Ca phosphate)  130 mg,
Copper (as Cu sulfate)  2.5 mg,
Zinc (as Zn sulfate) 1.5 mg,
Mg (as Mg sulfate)  50 mg.

Vinerton is  a combination of multivitamin and minerals with trace elements, which is suitable for human daily needed.

Deficiency of vitamins and nutritional in suffering  of chronic and acute disease.
During pregnancy, lactation and recovering of health.
Physically hard work.

1 capsule a day or as directed by the physician.

Box of 10×10’s. Reg. No. DTL9121002601A1.