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Seeing the Excitement of Aesthetic Doctors with PYFAESTHETIC Taking Cadaver Training to Korea

Seeing the Excitement of Aesthetic Doctors with PYFAESTHETIC Taking Cadaver Training to Korea

Jakarta, 26 July 2023 – PYFASTHETIC, a business unit of PT Pyridam Farma Tbk is holding the Cadaver Training program “PYFAESTHETIC goes to Korea” for the fourth time in July 2023. In this cadaver program, PYFAESTHETIC also invites dermatologists and estheticians to learn and improve competence in the world of beauty.

Cadaver training is training presented by PYFAESTHETIC to improve the competence of dermatologists and GP aesthetics regarding the use of fillers, botulinum toxin & thread lifts starting from basic anatomy to application.

Wila Lesthia Kharisma as Product Manager of PYFAESTHETIC stated that

“We are not only committed to presenting innovative products but are also committed to providing training for dermatologists and aesthetic doctors to advance the world of aesthetics in Indonesia.”

“Apart from that, PYFAESTHETIC is also committed to fostering good relationships with Mr/Mrs/Doctors while improving the quality of our services,” added Wila.

Cadaver training went to Korea for 4 days. On the first day, dermatologist doctors were invited to tour one of the beauty clinics, namely V-clinic. On the V-clinic tour, the doctors were shown the tools and treatments that are generally carried out in Korea.

On the second and third days, dermatologist doctors were invited to visit the filler factory to see the process of making fillers up to the packaging and distribution stages. Dermatologist doctors are also taught theoretically regarding body anatomy, the layers of human skin, as well as the correct use and application of fillers, botulinum toxin & thread lifts.

After the dermatologists studied theoretically, on the last day the doctors were invited to apply it directly to cadavers. These dermatologist doctors were invited to carry out treatment in the form of applying filler, botulinum toxin & thread lift independently to the cadaver.

This cadaver training has been attended by several national aesthetic practitioners, including Dr. Ilfa Najmi Arifa, Dr. Hardjono S. M. Biomed (AAM), and Dr. Anita.

According to Dr. Ilfa, the cadaver training organized by PYFAESTHETIC in batch 4 was very good and satisfying, starting from accommodation to very comprehensive learning materials and very humble and professional trainers.

“Taking part in this cadaver training will not only increase your knowledge but also make new friends who are very cool and exciting,” said Dr. Ilfa Najmi Arifa.

Dr. Hardjono S. M.Biomed (AAM) as one of the cadaver training batch 4 participants also stated that the accommodation and materials provided during the training were very thorough, complete and satisfactory.

“Yesterday’s cadaver workshop was quite satisfying, because we gained various new insights into the Botox – Filler – Thread Lift technique from professional doctors in the Korean aesthetic field and the cadaver used during the cadaver session was very good. We can see each layer that exists during the cadaver dissection process. “Where we applied filler and thread lift techniques directly on the cadaver, accompanied by a professional Korean doctor and directly assessed the results of the workshop we conducted on the cadaver through the dissection process,” said Dr Hardjono.

Apart from that, Dr. Anita, as one of the participants, also added that the cadaver class she attended opened up new insights for her in carrying out aesthetic practices. During training, the Cadavers provided are also fresh and the trainer delivers the material in English, so it is clear and easy to understand.

“Apart from the interesting material, the service from the hotel to the food is extraordinary. I can’t wait to share the journey ahead with PYFAESTHETIC.” Said Dr. Anita.