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Each capsule NOOCEPHAL-400 contains 400 mg Piracetam.
Each caplet NOOCEPHAL-800 contains 800 mg Piracetam.
Each caplet NOOCEPHAL-1200 contains 1200 mg Piracetam.
Each teaspoon ( = 5 mL ) syrup contains 200 mg Piracetam.

Neuroleptic, antidepressant, anxiolytic,psychostimulant and psychodyaleptics.
Protects inflammatory lesion of the brain by accelerating the transformation of ADP into ATP in the mitochondrial neuron cells
from cerebral cortex if disturbance occurred. Protects cerebral cortex  against hypoxia, intoxication and trauma. Improves blood
circulation in the brain. Stimulates central nervous system.
Pharmacokinetics :
Oral administration of 800 mg in fasting condition gives peak plasma level of 15 – 19 g/ml in approximately 30 min. Half life
in the blood is 5-6 hrs.

Post traumatic symptoms, eg headache, vertigo, agitation and memory impairment.
Conditions in chronic and addicted alcoholics, eg delirium, predelirium, memory impairment, reduced concentration and
In children, behavioral disturbances, eg anuresis hyperkinetic.
In elderly patients, reduced vigilance and concentration, asthenia, mood instability and psychomotor function disturbance.

Adults : Initial Dose : 2 caps or 1 caplet or 4 tsp syrup 3 times a day. If desired effect has been obtained, reduce dose
gradually to 1 cap or ½ caplet or 2 teaspoon syrup 3 times a day or as recommended by doctor.
Children : 30 – 50 mg / kg body weight / day.
Duration of treatment :
Is some cases, the effect of Noocephal is immediately obtained, or sometimes, in other cases, improvements can only be
seen in the 3rd  week of treatment. To improve the condition, it is recommended that treatment should be continued.

Renal impairment ( creatinine clearance 20 ml / min ).

Caution should be taken in patients hypersensitive to piracetam .

High dose of up to 4000 mg can cause restlessness and disappear if treatment is discontinued.

Noocephal-400 capsule   Box of 10×10’s.     Reg.No.DKL9421007001A1
Noocephal-800 caplet.    Box of 10×10’s.      Reg.No.DKL9421007104A1
Noocephal-1200 caplet.  Box of 5×10’s.        Reg.No.DKL9921007104B1
Noocephal syrup.            Bottle of 100 mL   Reg.No.DKL9421007237A1