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Pyridam Farma Participates in Health Interactive Dialogue Safe Drug Syrup

Pyridam Farma Participates in Health Interactive Dialogue Safe Drug Syrup

Jakarta, 21 March 2023 – Pyridam Farma participated in an interactive health dialogue “Safe drug syrup” with the Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (GP Pharmacy) at the Ballroom of the Royal Kuningan Hotel Jakarta to jointly educate the Indonesian people that syrup is safe for children.


Pyridam Farma together with GP Pharmacy through this interactive health dialogue activity appealed to the public to no longer hesitate and be afraid to use the syrup that has been released by BPOM because it can be ascertained that it is free from the risk of contamination and is safe to use for both children and the elderly.


Kezia Mareshah as Pyridam Farma’s Corporate Communication said that based on the BPOM website, there are 10 syrup drugs from Pyridam Farma and Holi Pharma that have been released by BPOM, namely Arbupon, Flutamol, Pyridol, Pyridryl Plus, Rz-20, Gitri, Lifadrox Forte, Holimox Forte, Amoxicillin Trihydrate, And Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate.


“This health interactive dialogue was carried out with the aim of eliminating doubts in Indonesian mothers who still question whether it is safe to use syrup in children? Said Mr. Elfiano Rizaldi as the executive director of GP Pharmacy, Tuesday (21/3) at the Ballroom of the Royal Kuningan Hotel.


In this interactive dialogue, the government together with the Ministry of Health have carried out very strict control and monitoring measures on the quality of medicines produced and sold by the pharmaceutical industry.


“We, together with the Ministry of Health, through this case, apart from making efforts to temporarily stop the use of syrup drugs, we are also working with BPOM to verify syrup drugs circulating in Indonesia. Apart from that, we have also updated the regulations listed in supplement 2 of the Indonesian Pharmacopoeia Edition VI,” said dr. apt. Lucia Rizka Andalusia, M.Pharm, Mars as Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Ministry of Health


In addition, BPOM was represented by Dra. Tri Astri Isnariani, Apt, M.Pharm as Director of Standardization of Drugs, Narcotics, Precursor Psychotropics and Addictive Substances BPOM. emphasizes that BPOM carries out the verification process with the precautionary principle in testing syrup drugs that are spread in Indonesia. He also emphasized that the syrup that has been released by BPOM through the BPOM website, and social media channels can be ascertained to be free from the risk of contamination and is safe for consumption. Until now, there are 1,400 syrups that have been self-released consisting of syrup, dry syrup, and vitamins as well as syrup supplements as of the end of February 2023.

In this interactive dialogue, Dr. Piprim as IDAI representative also emphasized to all pediatricians in Indonesia to no longer hesitate in prescribing syrup for children that has been released by BPOM. In addition, Mr. Noeffrendi as a representative from IAI also explained that all syrup drugs, both those that have been released by BPOM and those that are still in the verification stage by BPOM, are available in all pharmacies, but syrup drugs that have not been released will be quarantined first.

“We from IAI have also collaborated with the Ministry of Health and BPOM to create a website link whose contents are syrup medicines that have been released and are still in the verification process so that this can make it easier for all pharmacists in Indonesia to be able to return to providing safe syrup medicines. for society. I also urge all pharmacists to be able to re-check the list of syrup medicines that are safe to use and can also start revoking the call not to sell syrup medicines, said Mr. Noeffrendi.

‘In raw materials for medicine, food, or cosmetics, there must be a potential hazard, even the purest water has the potential to be dangerous, but we need to remember that we have threshold rules. As long as the substance complies with the existing threshold rules, it can be ensured that the substance or drug is safe, efficacious and of good quality. said Prof Rahmana as professor of Pharmacochemistry from ITB.