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PYFAESTHETIC Participates in the Meet The Masters Event

PYFAESTHETIC Participates in the Meet The Masters Event

Jakarta, 20 December 2023 – PYFAESTHETIC participated in activities held by CGBIO, Meet The Masters in Bali on 5-6 November 2023. This event aims to share knowledge and experience with expert doctors from various countries. Meet the Masters was attended by 125 doctors from China, Vietnam, UAE, Korea, Mexico, Turkey and Indonesia.

The strategic partnership between PYFAESTHETIC and CGBIO will continue to have a positive impact on the progress of the world of aesthetics and dermatology in Indonesia. In the Meet The Masters activity, 24 doctors from Indonesia participated to share facial anatomy, applications, and techniques for HA filler treatment, CaHA filler, thread lift, and SVF skin booster technology for skin rejuvenation. Apart from that, the doctor was also provided with a live demo of HA filler treatment.

Dr. Anita Anggoro, one of the participants in this activity said that the Meet The Master event was an event that would be a shame to miss, because not only was the activity material very useful but the service provided by PYFAESTHETIC was also very good.

“I am very happy to take part in this activity because we are not only taught product knowledge but facial anatomy which allows us to know which layer is appropriate in the treatment process and can avoid the risks that exist.” said Dr. Anita.

Dr. Vethatilova also said that “The Meet The Master program which was held in Bali was very good and interesting from various angles where we doctors were not only given knowledge upgrades by expert speakers, but were also able to meet and build relationships with doctors from all over the world.”

Dr. Vethatilova added that as a doctor, the service provided by PYFAESTHETIC was very good and worthy of appreciation, she felt truly appreciated. Apart from that, Dr Vetha also hopes that in the future PYFAESTHETIC can present events such as Meet The Master.

Wila Kharisma as product manager of PYFAESTHETIC stated “PYFAESTHETIC together with CGBIO will continue to be committed to not only presenting superior and innovative products but also continuing to provide updated knowledge both in theory and practice for dermatologists and Aesthetic GPs in Indonesia”