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PYFAESTHETIC Together with JMBiotech Invites Dermatologists & GP Aesthetics to Jeju Island

PYFAESTHETIC Together with JMBiotech Invites Dermatologists & GP Aesthetics to Jeju Island

Jakarta, 6 December 2023 – PYFAESTHETIC, a business unit of PT Pyridam Farma Tbk successfully held the PYFAESTHETIC Goes to Jeju Island activity which aims to facilitate Indonesian dermatologists and Aesthetic GPs to deepen their knowledge about a series of the latest products with experts from JMBIOTECH, Korea. This activity was attended by 14 doctors from Indonesia.

Wila Kharisma as Product Manager of PYFAESTHETIC said,

“PYFAESTHETIC together with JMBiotech are committed to always providing updated knowledge both in theory and practice as well as how to apply it and continuing to innovate to present superior products for the needs of doctors and clinics in Indonesia.”

Wila added that apart from sharing knowledge, doctors were also invited to enjoy a series of exciting activities and beautiful views of Jeju Island together by visiting several tourist centers including Cheonjiyeon waterfall, the tuff cone Seongsan Ilchulbong and Hueree Pink Muhly National Park.

Dr Irfan shared his experience of going to Jeju with PYFAESTHETIC, “The first time I visited Jeju, it was very beautiful because usually when you go to Korea you only go to Seoul. It turns out that Jeju is like a Korean paradise with extraordinary views. Lots of new insights and knowledge, especially for the Pink Aging product and the new Carboxy CO2 mask product. Apart from theory, there are also techniques given, as well as how to optimize these techniques to become my preparation in the clinic. Very grateful to the PYFAESTHETIC and JMBiotech teams for the Goes To Jeju event because the service was very good and there was a lot of knowledge that could be applied in the clinic later.

Dr. Theressia added, “The series of events was good, the hospitality from PYFAESTHETIC and JMBiotech was also very good. There is a detailed product explanation, we are explained the advantages of the product and how to apply it properly and there is a research journal that underlies the product so that as a doctor I am increasingly convinced and believe in the superiority of PYFAESTHETIC products.